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We mainly carry two brands, GPARTS® and GENFIL®

The brand Genfil covers the complete range of filters,including Genfil Air filter,Genfil Cabin filter,Genfil oil Filer,Genfil fuel filter,Genfil Air dryer,supplying to the markets of home and abroad.Genfil filters are produced with filter media in OEM standard or premium brand standard quality,the high efficiency production and big sales makes GENFIL® filters  cost-effective.The filter stock system without MOQ requirement has been built, the leading time can be 7 days for the numbers in stock. 1 year of warranty is offered for all the filters in G&W !

The brand GPARTS® is for all other parts except for the filters, covering cooling system parts, steering and suspension parts, power train parts, brake parts, engine parts and A/C parts.These parts are increasingly sold to foreign market by sea or by air. The stock system for the fast-moving items were also set up, in this way it meets the small order quantity and fast delivery time needs very well. GPARTS® are produced to OEM standard or Premium brands standard as required by different markets. 2 years of warranty is offered for all the GPARTS® in G&W !

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